Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la

Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la
A wedding picture that I drew for Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la! Congrats Ijaa'vodu and Mesh'la'vodu!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Walking in de Rain

Bum Bum DumDee Bum Bum... -sing song style- It's raining, no pouring, but the old man is snoring! My parents decided to eat out for lunch several hours ago. Once we left the house... BANG!! DOWN POUR!!!!!!!!!!! WE knew that it was going to rain... so OUT came the umbrellas! -treads through the down-pour as I thought to myself- Yep.. This is LIKE Kamino..... We walked for 5 MINUTES IN THE RAIN.... and NOOOOOOOO!!! I didn't wear jeans nor ARMY BOOTS!! teeheee.... We were stuck in a malcirculated (i know.. there isn't such a word.. but ehh....) restaurant.

Guess what is WORST than an oily, musky, hot, AND LOUD restaurant??????
ANSWER: Wet and sticky socks.......

       Random: I think that I'm now partially DEAF in my RIGHT ear.... A lady behind me was playing with her granddaughter yelling/saying loudly... AHHH....... -head desk-

Our drinks STILL haven't arrived after ASKING them 2 times.. I guess it is because they are busy since there is A LOT of people in the restaurant.

-The drinks FINALLY come- Boy, was I thirsty. I downed 3/4th of my glass in 10 seconds FLAT!

-sighs- looks like the grandma is at it again.... gonnna be a LONG lunch...


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