Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la

Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la
A wedding picture that I drew for Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la! Congrats Ijaa'vodu and Mesh'la'vodu!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Interview with Regional Commander, and my personal friend, Thaxos!

Thaxos From the Winnipeg Canada, Vhetin'Ade clan
 Atina: Being a part of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club, how do you think that this helped you with finding people with similar interests?
T: It's definitely helped with finding people with similar interests, whether it be through the forums or via conventions both local and international. I don't think I'd have met so many people from across the world were it not for the Mercs.
 Me: I've been listening to your podcasts, which has been your favorite podcast so far?
T: Probably the April Fool's day podcast, but I have such a great time each episode that it's hard to pick.
> Me: During C6, I've heard that someone broke your helmet. Which helmet broke during that time? (it was Mereel/Jeremy Bulloch?)
T: It was the front chevron piece on the DSB Assassin helmet. Mereel claims it was Bulloch, but Mereel had it on last before it was broken haha.

> Me: How long have you been an official merc for?
T: Official since 2009
> Me: What has been your most memorable moment being a Merc?
T: For the moment, it would have to be helping out with Seth Green's panel at CVI. Got to hang out with Seth, Matt Seinreich, Todd Grimes, Donald Faison, and James Arnold Taylor in which myself and two other Mandos got to haul James on and off the stage as part of the panel.
To top it off, George decided to drop by for the panel on Saturday!
George Lucas makes an appearance at Celebration 6
> Me: Being a verd'ika, do you have any tips for making a wicked kit but for a lower price?
T: The more you can scratch build, the better. My entire kit was crafted of 14 gauge aluminum that I was able to acquire for free. The only cost was helmet and soft parts. Total cost approximately $300. That's the new metal set, my first kit was all sintra with a Don Post 96 helmet, also cost approximately $300. <Woah! Expensive! -Atina>
> Me: What was your favorite part of Celebration 6?
T: The entire thing, so many fantastic events happened and being able to hang out with friends from all over was fantastic!
> Me: How long have you been a Star Wars fan for?
T: Since the moment I first saw A New Hope when I was four or five years old.
> Me: As a big Star Wars fan, what has been your favorite game, books, action figure, character, and movie?
T: I very much enjoy all the Star Wars lore from the games, books, shows, and movies.
Favorite game would have to be Star Wars Galaxies, book would be the Republic Commando series, not a huge collector of action figures, favorite character Qymaen Jai Sheelal (points to those that know who I'm referring to without using Google), and favorite movie of the OT is Empire, favorite of the PT is Revenge.
> Me: Do you have any tips for people who wants to be an official member?
T: Use the search feature on the forums, plenty of info and pretty much everything has been answered before. Make a WIP thread for your work, take plenty of clear well lit photos, and listen to the critiques of the Official Members. The critiques are there to help you, not to discourage. Everyone starts somewhere, so don't get frustrated if it's not perfect the first time.
> Me: How many weapons do we need to become official?
T: As per the approval process, it's one. But feel free to have as many as you can carry, you're a Mandalorian after all! <Haha! Sniper and Medical KIT for me! -Atina>
> Me: The dreaded subject.. I know... Lots of people attach to much osik on their helmet, but to make an awesome medical kit, what should you have on it?
T: That's a question best answered by the fine folks in the Medical brigade. See: Medical Brigade Mandalorian Mercs Forum
I happen to be in the Shock Infantry brigade, so I haven't paid as much attention to the Medic section. Brigadier Slade Kel is the man in charge and I'm sure he'd be happy to answer any questions you send his way.
Me: So you talked about the different brigades, could you please explain that?
T: It'd be easier to just link here for more info on Brigades wink
> Me: How many Celebration have you attended?
T: Just CV and CVI [so] far.
> Me: Could you explain what you do at armor parties?
T: Teach and be taught skills and techniques for working on armor, socialize, and in general have a good time!
Me: How didya decide to make your armor? I mean, its unique! Legacy right?
T: Well before I had a standard modern era kit and decided I wanted to make something more elaborate. At the time Legacy armor was quite new so I drew inspiration from there. Looking at real world armors of similar styling I determined that setting it up like Lorica Segmentata would allow for excellent mobility.
You're quite correct though, the design is custom and unique to me.
> Me: Armor... Amour... Armor... Yep.. The most essential part of being a Mandalorian!! -_- How heavy is a typical armor? I realized that you are wearing legacy armour.... How heavy is your armour?
T: The full kit weighs approximately 25lbs, however I barely notice it given the way I have the strapping set up. All the weight is balanced on my shoulders or on the belt. 
> Me:  Post-Con depression... Didya ever have that?? 'Cause when I went to Comikaze... I didn't really have a 'post con depression'...
T: Really depends on the convention and what you do afterwards. For me, once the con is over and the fantastic experiences are memories, I begin working towards the next con. The 29 day roadtrip to Chicago for Wizard World, New York City, Washington DC, Orlando for CVI, and Atlanta for D*Con, and the drive all the way back to Canada kept me plenty occupied this last con trip.
As of writing this, my local convention is less than a month away and I've got to update or finish three costumes.
> Me: What would you expect at Celebration 7?? Yea.. It's like 2-3 years.. But I believe that a lot of the readers would like to know!
T: An absolutely phenomenal experience that I likely cannot do justice with words. Truly an event to be experienced firsthand!
I promise you won't regret making the trip.
> Me: Bounty Hunting!! Oohh yyyeaa!! Who's with me?? *fist pump* Will celebration 7 have a jail cell like celebration 6?
T: I'm certain that given the success at CVI, we will see the cells back out for plenty of use at CVII. The clan in Florida did a fantastic job on creating the cells based on the Manitoba clan's original designs.
> Me: Would you mind telling us what y'all did at Celebration 6? I've been like watching and reading about it. Would you mind telling us what you did?
T: I think you'd need an entire interview to document everything that happened. Highlights were the Death March where we had several dozen Mandos marching through the con, the Mercs Bash, the 501st Bash, Seth's panel, and just hanging with friends.
> Me: Being a regional commander, what is your job?
T: Essentially my role is to serve the clans in my area (Canada) and those working towards forming new squads and clans.
See this thread for full description
> Me: Keldabe Talk Radio!!! As a part of the Podcast Team, how long does it usually take to finish a one hour episode?
T: We can spend anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours, depending on how the discussions go and how far off on tangents we sometimes end up. Always a fun time to record them.
Me: On the podcasts, I noticed that a lot of the postcast teams were always picking on you, just because you are Canadian! Are you always the one that they "tease"? (Ex: Moose'alor)
T:Hahaha, we all joke around plenty. I don't mind it much, so it's all good. Don't worry I rib them back plenty.
> Me: Color combination. What kind of color sequence would be the best for a Mandalorian Medic?
T: As stated above, see the Medic brigade section. 
> Me: Out of all the Mercs, who do you go with to Conventions?
T: Out of all the Mercs, I actually go to conventions the most on my own, however if we only count times I go with someone, it would be with my friend in the 501st Legion.
Me: I've noticed that you have affiliations with the 501st Boys, or 501st Legion. You are both a Mercs and 501st Legionare? Did you acquire a new set of armor, or did you use your "Thaxos" Armor?
T: Custom Mandalorians are not canon and so they don't fall under the 501st organization. I am a member of the 501st with my Republic Commando kit and in fact am also a part of the Rebel Legion with it as well.
Me: You have an RC KIT?! That is like amazing! By any chance, do you have any pictures up that our readers can look at?
T: [Go ahead and look at the bottom of the page!]

This is Atina and I'm signing off with Thaxos! Have an awesome day and I'll catch ya'll soon! Try not to get on the bounty list, or I'm gonna have to catch ya!
Thaxos: If you want to get in touch with me, or have any other questions, go ahead and PM me on the Mandalorian Mercs Forums or friend me on: 

Thaxos Facebook

 -Princesses Aylanna from Manda'galaar Alit/ Atina Skirata


Thaxos Pictures
Thaxos Pictures
Thaxos Pictures

Thaxos is on the FAR right! Not the Captain Rex but the Republic commando there. He's the 2nd to last Clone Trooper
Look at all those power rangers (mocking tone) JK these are Mandos!
Look at all these top guns! 

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