Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la

Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la
A wedding picture that I drew for Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la! Congrats Ijaa'vodu and Mesh'la'vodu!

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Interview with Cyrus Rang

Atina: Being apart of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club, how do you think that this helped you with find people with similar interests?

Cyrus: It [has] help[ed] a lot. Before becoming a part of the Mercs I was hanging out with people who would do nothing but drink and spent little time with my family. Since joining, I’ve been hanging out with nicer more awesome people and even including my family in the fun of costuming. ((What does your wife say about you being a Merc? LOL))

Atina: I've been listening to the Keldabe podcasts, which has been your favorite podcast so far?
Cyrus: I’ve only heard one and it was quite some time ago (I forgot what it was about) ;p ((lol))

Atina: How long have you been an official merc for?
Cyrus: Since Sept 11 2009 ((LONG time!))

Atina: What has been your most memorable moment being a Merc?
Cyrus: Ooh tough one… I’m gonna call them “moments”. Its seeing little kids smiling when I interact with them while I’m kitted up.

Atina: Being a verd'ika, do you have any tips for making a wicked kit but for a lower price?
Cyrus: Hmm… Save your Money! Put some cash aside every now and then while you’re brainstorming your design. When you do start, its best to do it right and not go the real “cheap” route. It’ll actually cost you less in the long run. Read up and listen to the veteran costumers for tips and tricks. Also, look around for anyone selling used stuff.

Atina: How long have you been a Star Wars fan for?
Cyrus: I’ve been a fan for most of my life. I remember playing with my cousins SW action figures when I was a kid then buying my own.
Atina: What is your favorite books, character (no it can't be your Mandalorian character -_-) movie, action figure, and weapon in the Star Wars Universe?
Cyrus: Books (The Republic Commando Series), Character (RC Delta 62 aka Scorch), Movie (SW:ESB), action figure(RC Delta 62 aka Scorch), and weapon (I’d have to say the DC-17M) <>

Atina: Armor... Amour... Armor... Yep.. The most essential part of being a Mandalorian!! How heavy is a typical armor?
Cyrus: How heavy your armor is depends on the coverage (Boba=light, Jango=Medium or heavy) also what material your using (Metal, Sintra, plastic bins). Id say my kit (made of sintra) with all the bells and whistles weighs about 15lbs give or take a little.

Atina: Post-Con depression... Didya ever have that?? 'Cause when I went to Comikaze I didn't really have a 'post con depression'...
Cyrus: Not really. Though I do miss hanging out with all my friends, I’m far too busy with work and my family to get depressed ;)

Atina: Bounty Hunting!! Oohh yyyeaa!! Who's with me?? *fist pump* Will celebration 7 have a jail cell like celebration 6?
Cyrus: Im sure it will. It’s a cool thing to have at any con and helps bring in some charity money.

Atina: What is bounty hunting? (for those who aren't mercs)
Cyrus: Bounty hunting starts with someone who will donate money to our charities. What we do then is go “Hunt” for this persons ”target” aka a friend, sibling, significant other, etc. Once we catch this other person we bring them to our “Holding Cell”. This captured individual then has to stay in the cell for a pre determined amount of time or pay their own bail fee (which also goes to our charity). I think I got that right…lol

Atina: How many KITS do you have? I know that several people have multiple KITS.
Cyrus: I have one complete kit, one kit in a w.i.p status (Work In Progress) and another w.i.p for my lil boy.

Atina: Out of all the Mercs, who do you go with to Conventions?
Cyrus: I tend to stay local so I attend the local cons with my Clan. Manda’galaar!

Atina: What is your job as the Alor of a clan?
Cyrus: I’m actually one of the clan Ruus’alors or Sergeants. We are the CRL (Costume Requirements List) enforcers. I help any new member in my clan with their build to make sure it meets all the requirements to become official. I also help established members with any upgrades they may want to do for the same purpose. Basically my job is to make sure everyone’s kit are ship shape!

Atina: How much money didya spend on your totally wicked KIT?
Cyrus: Good question! Ballpark for Cyrus is about $400. My second kit is about the same right now, but I’m not done with it yet.

This is an interview with Cyrus Rang!

Enjoy everyone!!

Princesses aylanna, Atina Skirata

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