Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la

Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la
A wedding picture that I drew for Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la! Congrats Ijaa'vodu and Mesh'la'vodu!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Meeting my Jedi Master

Okay.. So it is REALLY funny.... I never knew who my JEDI MASTER was until 8 months ago... I mean... yea... I know that Ijaa Night (code name) excited... but i didn't really know who he was..... It was when Master Ijaa was walking in a mall..... near the subway... that we ACTUALLY met... hehee.... It was SOOOOO funny... Let me tell you the story... MY mom and I were going to go shopping at a near by mall.. My Uncle (Ijaa Night) called the house, and said that he would be at the same mall as we were.... I knew the odds of seeing ONE person in a gigantic mall was extremely slim.... So I didn't really try to look for him... I DIDN"T EVEN KNOW WHAT HE LOOKED LIKE! All of a sudden.... My mom called my name.... I noticed that a group of people were looking at me.. I started to blush because I had lost my mom..... So I walked over to my mom.... and I got to meet Master Ijaa Night... His fiance Mesh'la (code name), his friend Mekal (also code name) and his fiance Saren (code name) It was soooo funny because my mom told me that she called out Uncle Ijaa's real name (unable to say) and he just looked at my mom.... He just stared...and finally realized that my buir was calling his name..... He started laughing like crazy because he hasn't seen my mom for 20 years! OMG! that is a LONG time! anyway.... back to the story..... :P Master Ijaa started acting shy when we first met ( DON"T DENY IT MASTER ) and i had to break the ice..... So what i did was that I started talking about Star Wars (my strong subject) Buir was talking to ba'vodu (meaning uncle in Mandalorian) so i decided to talk to Mek'vodu (uncle Mekal) I found out that Mek'vodu was a BIG..... (NOOOO!!! GIGANTIC) Star Wars fan.... we started talking about different Star Wars stuff... Like Saber forms.... The Clone Wars.... and EVEN the Lakehouse... :P talk about awesome! anyway.... They had to leave because they were going back to the hotel.... I said my goodbyes... and told Ijaa'vodu that I would see him soon. The next day, Ijaa'vodu called my grandma's house and told the domestic helper that he would be coming to our house at around 12:00 PM. So I waited for him to show up at the gate... BOY! It was a kiffting long wait.... :P So I had lunch and Ijaa'vodu rang the doorbell.... and I leaped up from my seat, ALMOST running into the domestic maid..... hehehe... anyway... I unlocked the gate and I raced up to Ijaa'vodu, giving him a hug! I also give Auntie Mesh'la I bear hug..... I invite them into the house while I finish my lunch..... Ijaa'vodu starts talking about his Star Wars game: Republic Commando... I absolutely love the books! Karen Traviss is amazing (sorry... I'm going OFF topic) anyway... back to the meeting... I had to go to the tutoring center, so I decided to create some Star Wars trivia... After Tutoring, I gave Ijaa'vodu a Star Wars trivia... Those two days were the BEST days of my life... The next day, my aunt decided to take me to the movies..... We later went to her house and I found MASTER IJAA!! WOW! I knew that Ijaa'vodu was staying at my aunts house, but I thought that he had left back to his house. Anyway.... We decided to keep in touch through Skype and Facebook.... now... here we are now! I currently chat with him on Friday and Saturday (U.S time) and he teaches my Jedi stuff.... while I TEACH him about Soresu. We kid a lot and we tease each other.... Surprisingly.... My uncle is more like my OLDER brother than my uncle... Our inside joke is pouring Gatorade on each other... :P I just love hanging out with him! Congratulations Master! And....... Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum ba'vodu!

This is Atina Skirata (Red 5) signing out! May the Force be with You!

Red 5.... Over and OUT!


  1. That is a really cool story! :D

  2. Thanks arda!!!! Ask master ijaa night.. He will totally tell it from a different point of view!


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