Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la

Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la
A wedding picture that I drew for Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la! Congrats Ijaa'vodu and Mesh'la'vodu!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rogue Squadron (dedicated to Andriee) *second post*

Okay... So this is the SECOND post about Rogue Squadron... I DON"T know much about them.... But I TOOK 2 hours to RESEARCH them... NOW I'm pooped... hehehehe... anyway.... Ijaa'vodu has been teaching me about X-wings... He has been teaching me to FLY them! YIPEE! Thanks to the flight simulator.. When i GO visit him.... he will TEACH me even more about X-wings.... here is the list of Rogue Squadron Commanders:
Luke Skywalker
Wedge Antilles
Tycho Celchu
Gavin Darklighter
Jaina Solo
Jacen Solo
Jhoran Bey
Anj Dehl

Soooo.... This is some of the things that I learned about Rogue Squadron.... the next post will be about Andrienna's FAVORITE Jedi...... JAINA SOLO!! EPPPPP!! I <3 her also!!

Now.... back to Rogue Squadron...... as I said before...I DON"T know much about them.... I'm a REPUBLIC COMMANDO fan..... (Andrienna and I were arguing over who was better at a Mall)

Okay.....annnnddd... we are BACK! heheeh.... Rogue Squadron are elite trained fighter pilots who are PRETTY awesome... I just wish that there were MORE female pilots.. that would be EPIC! In one of my FAVORITE trilogy: Thrawn Trilogy, Rogue Squadrons are mentioned MANY times in the book... WEDGE ANTILLES is one of the main characters... :P during the book, the Rogue Squad pilots are chasing Imperial fighters.... and.... THEY KICK THEIR SHEBSE!! HARD!!! *starts giggling* anyway.... :P I HAVE to say that Rogue Squadron pilots are daring and brave pilots who place their lives at risk for the better of the Rebel Alliance.

Red 5 Signing out! May the Force be with You...

God will be with you, always...

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