Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la

Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la
A wedding picture that I drew for Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la! Congrats Ijaa'vodu and Mesh'la'vodu!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Life as a Jedi Prologue


I feel someone following me. A stalker. I pick up my pace slightly, looking around cautiously. I haven't met this person, because I couldn't feel him though the force. Suddenly, I feel a strong hand clamping over my mouth, so I was unable to scream. In his other hand, was a DH-17, which he jams into the hinge of my jaw. I try to use my assassin skills to fight him off, but his hand, which was clamped over my mouth suddenly changes into a headlock. I struggle against his iron grip, but he presses harder against my cardiac artery, threatening to send me into unconsciousness  "Keep fighting, Jedi, and I'll blow your head off." he says, voice altered by his helmet speaker. Through the force, I feel the presence of my Jedi master, Master Ijaa. "Just because you are trailing someone, it doesn't mean that you aren't being followed, chakkar  Get your hands off my Padawan now, before I cut your gett'se off." I stalker doesn't even flinch until my master rams his stun baton into his armpit. The aruertti convulsed as he hit the floor. I was still shaken up by the event as i kicked the DH-17 away from his hand. I turned around, only to see my master's worried face. My name is Atina Skirata, and this is my life as a Jedi Padawan.

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  1. Oh I love it! It's a bit weird for someone related to Kal to be a Jedi, I'd love to read more.


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