Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la

Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la
A wedding picture that I drew for Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la! Congrats Ijaa'vodu and Mesh'la'vodu!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My life as a Jedi Padawan Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I'm walking towards my Chambers, which was on the Chimera, when I spotted my door painted blue with pink glittery stripes. No no no!! I thought. This was the work of my Jedi master. I clenched my fists tightly as I walk into my room. The walls were painted my favorite color, sand gold, but on top of the paint, were blue spray painted letters which say- 'I-J-A-A R-U-L-Z' I groaned out loud while using the force to grab my black corotosis armor. I sneak towards Master Ijaa's room avoiding the security cameras. When I reach his room, I grab the spray cans that are on my belt, and start painting the door pink. Then I grab some blue glitter and decorate the wet door with it. Then I use the force to open the door and decorate the walls with fancy letter which say - 'A-T-I-N-A D-A  P-A-D-A-W-A-N  R-U-L-Z' after I finish spray painting his room, I look around for his lightsaber, which is sitting harmlessly on his desk. I carefully exchange his lightsaber crystal with a red sith crystal, keeping his green crystal in my pocket. Before I leave, I set up a trap so that when Master Ijaa opens the door, a bucket of Gatorade would be dumped on him, drenching him. I stealthly race back to my chambers just as my master opens the door. Master Ijaa storms out of the room drenched with Gatorade, his lightsaber in his hand, deactivated. "Atina, you are dead meat!" master Ijaa says infuriated. I race towards my room, arming myself with my carbonite blaster, my sand-gold lightsaber, and a spray can. I leave my room looking cautiously for my master. While I'm walking towards the hanger bay, the lights go off for 1 minute before the emergency lights kick in. I run towards the hanger bay enterence looking for my X-wing. Unexpectedly, Master Ijaa pops the canopy of my X-wing, jumping from the canopy. The X-wing shakes when he lands 5 feet away from me. Motioning to my hand, he said, "I believe that you have something that is mine. I unclentched my fist, palm up, to show that my hand is empty. "I don't have your crystal with me at the moment, so see you!" I respond before I use Force Teleport, to teleport to my room. The emergency bells start ringing, telling me that there is a homing becon. I look at my armor, only to find a becon attached to the back of my armor. He could track my every movement. I try to deactivate the becon, but Master Ijaa kicks down the door to smithers. "Atina, I know that you are in here. Come out, before someone gets hurt." called my master. I rolled my eyes silently not making a sound. "Oh. So you want to play this game. I can play this game also." Master Ijaa activates his second green lightsaber, waving it around the room causing a humming noise. I force leap from my position over him, kicking him in the back in the process. Master Ijaa stumbles a little but doesn't go down. I activate my sand-gold lightsaber with ease, standing in the form 3 starting position. I attack him with a quick back slash. He easily deflects the slash and uses the force grip to snatch my carbonite blaster off my belt. "That is old school, Atina." master Ijaa scoffs. I just grit my teeth and ignore him. Master Ijaa force pushes me into a wall, and holds me there. I struggle against his grip and he let's go. He hauls me to my feet as I leap over him. I re-activate my saber, waiting in defence position. Master Ijaa gets the picture and attacks me with a the fluid motion from Form 1. I leap away, using force teleport to Master Ijaa's room. He looks around and realizes that I have left the scene. I walk into his room. Unexpectedly, an alarm goes off. I quickly place his lightsaber crystal on his desk and types out a quick message- "Here is your saber crystal. Can you please give me back my red crystal. Thanks, Atina Skirata/ Jedi Assassin." I race out of his room, before triggering another booby trap, which sets 3 rows of spikes at me. I stealthy flip over them, strolling out of the room. I use force speed and arrive at my room. My master appears out from behind me, placing me in headlock. I ram my elbows into his stomach, but he is still in him Mandalorian Armour. My elbows stinging from hitting the dense iron armour. As Master Ijaa closes the gap between his arm and my neck, I use the force to send a bucket of Gatorade on his head. I staggers backwards as Gatorade is dumped on him. I giggle in amusement, sending a force wave towards him. He staggers back from the unexpected blow. I didn't even notice as my master stood up, reaching out with the Force, wrapping it around my windpipe. He began to squeeze it slowly. I fell to my knees, my knees hitting the dusteal floor, my hands fly up to my throat as my oxygen began to cut off. I began to cough, unable to get air. With all the energy that I had left, I used force rebuke on his force choke. I gasped, gulping down air with jagged breaths. Master Ijaa stood up, activating his saber, placing it over my head. Through the force, I could tell that something was wrong. His eyes were bloodshot and yellowish. My reality kicked in. He was under the influence of a mind controlling agent that was only found on the planet of Geonosis. About a week earlier, we were on Geonosis to assist Master Skywalker and Master Unduli. I was assigned to help Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano with capturing Pogul. As I slipped back into reality, I remembered that Master Fisto had told Padawan Tano that the only way to stop the parasite was through the cold. I force pushed Master Ijaa into a wall, then I raced off to the reactor chamber, which was 2 flight of stairs from my current location. When I reached the main reactor, I began to activate the cooling agent. The whole ship would now be under 10 degrees fahrenheit  I raced out of the main reactor, shivering. Through the force, I felt the presence of my Jedi Master. I began to jog towards the bridge. I needed to get the ship docked at a medical center. Woosh! The humming of a Lightsaber caught my ears. I felt the sudden pain as the lightsaber clipped my shoulder. Though I was wearing Corotosis weave armour, my master had found a weakness in my armour. I crumbled in pain. I again noticed him in a coup dé gra stance. I force pushed him away from me, racing towards the bridge. I heard a howl of pain comming from my master as the assult cruiser's temperature dropped, rapidly. He collaps and was knocked unconcious. The parasite started crawling away from the host. I threw my saber at it, slicing the worm in two. I recalled my saber to my hand, restarting my race towards the bridge. After sprinting towards the bridge, my muscles started cramping up due to the cold, as well as the intensity of the sprint. I slid into the pilot's seat, exiting hyper-space, plotting the course for the nearest medical base. The air in the bridge was relentesly frigid. The monitor beeped, warning me that the medical base was coming up in 2 clicks. I raced back to my master's position. Finding a termal blanket, I dragged it along with me. I found my master, out cold. I placed the thermal blanket over him, making sure that it covered every inch of his body. He slowly wakes up from his unconciousness. "What happened?" wondered Master Ijaa. I helped him to his feet, "Why is it so cold?" he began to shiver underneath the thermal blanket. I nudged him towards the bridge. "One of the clones must have been infected by the brainworms and must have set them loose on this ship. I'm surprised that I haven't came across other crew members who were inf-" I stopped dead in my tracks, as I noticed clone troopers, sprawled across the entrance of the bridge. I use the force to place them away from the entrance  and Master Ijaa and I race into the cockpit, and warning bells rang throughout the cabin. My Master straps himself into the pilot's seat, as I slipped into the co-pilot's seat. He exited hyperspace only to find ourselves face-to-face with the nose of a Seperatist ship. I looked wondering at my master. He nods, as if he could read my thoughts. I raced towards the main reactor room to turn up the heat. Warning bells were still ringing as the heat was turned up. I noticed the fog lifting, and the parasites dead on the floor. The troopers peal themselves off the floor, looking extremely confused. Suddenly, I get thrown backwards into the wall. I felt the vibrations as the ship slowed down and finally came to a halt. I finally crashed into some more troopers, who catch me in their arms. I regain my balance and race towards the cockpit. When I reach the cockpit, my master had his hand on the brakes and was drenched cold sweat. He was panting from the intensity of the flight. When I stared at out of the window, I realized why he was hyperventilating  The ship was 2 inches from crashing into the medical center. Master Ijaa slid out of the pilots seat as the sound of we docked onto the medical center. The medics took the injured personals  as I helped my master off the frigate  "Thank you, my Padawan." thanks my master. I smiled at him, enjoying his few praises. "You are most welcome, master." I chided  I embraced my master, thanking the force that he was still alive. With that, I dumped a bottle of Gatorade on him, running away from him.

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