Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la

Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la
A wedding picture that I drew for Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la! Congrats Ijaa'vodu and Mesh'la'vodu!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Life as a Jedi Padawan Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I began to fret. My master is on the floor, Master Adel was injured, and a blaster was in my face. What should I do? I began to think. I observed the situation. Though the assailants' face was hidden behind a mask, I could make out that two of them were males and the other was female. "Hands up in the air, Jedi." ordered the assailant with the blaster. I slowly did what he ordered, but at the last minute, I sent a strong force wave towards all three assailants. I knocked the blaster out of reach from the first assailant and activated my sand-gold saber. My master quickly activated his green saber, force leaping towards my side. I stared at the three assailants with piecing blue eyes. "Would anyone want to explain to me what the heck is happening here?" I projected my voice. The assailants just looks at me, not answer me. I still had my saber activated, standing in an opening Soresu stance. One of the assailants lunged for his blaster, and fired several shots at me. I simply deflected the shots back towards him. Two went flying towards a tree, and I managed to send one back at him. The laser richosaded towards him, hitting him in the foot. The assailant was howling in pain and the other two started backing away slowly. I let the force flow through me, and I sent the assailants flying into the trees. Master Adel watched in amazement as Master Ijaa heaved him over his shoulders, running towards a clearing in the woods. The wind began picking up around us. A soft howl was echoing through the trees, richoshading off the rock walls. My Master's relentless pace keep me from feeling the temperature drop, but it placed a strain on my muscles. As the clearing drew nearer, I noticed that the weather had taken a turn for the worst. The snow began to fall heavily around us. The melting snow began to soak into my boots, causing my socks to become damp. As I squished behind my master, I began to feel uncomfortable. After a trek through the woods, my exhausted Master gingerly placed Master Adel at a foot of a great elm tree. Puffs of steam appeared as my master breathed heavily. I sat down on the ground, taking out a fire starter from my flight bag  starting a fire. I began to take off my boots and soggy socks. I also used the force to create a protecting barrier around my Master and Master Adel to keep them from the rapidly falling snow. I stood up, tossing my master a bag with a simple tent kit. I began scouting the area for some large logs. When my Master put up a covering, I dropped the force protection and placed 100% of my effort into looking for a good cover. After searching the area for a secure base, I found 3 sturdy logs that would make a great 3 point shelter. I used the force to levitate the logs back to our base. I began to wearily assemble the logs into a 3 point shelter around us. The reason for the 3 point shelter was to protect us from the elements. After the shelter had been assembled  I stumbled exhausted into the shelter, puffs of air forming around my nose and mouth. The fire was burning steadily in the shelter, keeping everyone warm as well as dry. I removed my boots again, ignoring the roughness without my socks. I searched through my flight bag for parts of my Trooper armour. I eventually found my chest plate as well as my armoured boots. I slipped outside and removed my shirt to place my chest platings. Since I had left my wet boots in the shed, I just slipped on my armoured boots over my cold feet. I folded my shirt quickly and I strolled back to the tent. Master Adel was recovering from the cold, and my Master had been using the force to rejuvenate himself. I placed my flight bag at one side of the tent, and made my way towards to my. I began to study his features carefully. I've only been his padawan for 8 months after my former Jedi Master, Paul Lell, died on Geonosis. I noticed that I was studying him, and he looked back at me. My thoughts were on how he seemed more like a brother than a Jedi Master. He was only 16 years older than me, but it seemed that he was younger. I began to think about the first mission that we had. I all began with when I was studying in the Jedi Temple in the Jedi Archives. I was studying some force techniques and I began to try it out. Only, when I began to perfect my force levitation, a Jedi Master, Ijaa Night, startled me. Through the force, I was levitation a glass of Gatorade. As he startled me, my concentration slipped. The glass tipped, and Master Ijaa Night was drenched in Gatorade. As I realized what had happened, I began to feel shocked. I wanted to have a Master, NOT wet one. Suddenly, I began to feel a disturbance in the force. I came to my senses and leaped up at an alarming rate. Both of the Masters had also senses he disturbance, and activated their lightsabers. The howling of the wind began to pick up, and I felt a familiar presence creep closer. I unholstered by blaster pistol, flipping the switch to activate the cell.

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