Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la

Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la
A wedding picture that I drew for Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la! Congrats Ijaa'vodu and Mesh'la'vodu!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Autobiography! YESSS!! IT"S DONE!!!!!!

    I begin to walk into Mrs. Lycoment’s class. The teacher’s lounge was to my right and students were bustling all around me. In my school uniform, I felt very out of place. This was my first year in school, because I was homeschooled since I was in kindergarten. I didn’t know what to expect from my teacher or my classmates. I began to hang around in the background, unsure who I should hang out with. I began to nervously sit down in my seat, hoping that I wouldn’t be notice. My teacher, however had other things in mind. She made everyone in the class say facts about themself. Fortunately for me, I had a several interesting facts about myself. By the end of school, I had hooked up with several of the guys in my class because I told my classmates that I’m a huge Star Wars fan, I play video games, and I was homeschooled. One of my classmates,  Zev,  went to my old homeschool group, Vila - Community Home Education Program. I later became connected with him after school. He is still one of my close friends till this day.
   The next day of school, I wasn’t as solitary since I had two friends, Zev and Colby. I began to hang out more with Zev, asking him to teach me how to play American Football. The sun was shining upon us, the wind blowing in my hair. I was wearing the plaid skirt and the button up Monday school uniform. Zev and I ran onto the fields, my skirt was flying backwards due to my running. We then dodged branches from the trees overhead and ran over roots that were sprouting on the floor. The blazing summer sun was burning my skin as I ran across the fields. Zev had a blue and green football in his hand, tossing it in the air, catching it.  
“I remember that I promised that I’d teach you how to throw a football. Wanna start, since I already borrowed a football from Coach Silo?” Asks Zev intriguingly.
I remembered that day clearly, nodding. “Sure thing!”
   Zev began to hold the ball in his hand, raising his elbow up, gripping it along the laces. “You have to hold the ball along the laces, keep the ball along your ear, wind your arm back behind your ear, and throw!”
The ball flew through the air in a perfect spiral. Woosh! The ball flew towards me. I made a triangle with both of my hands, with my thumb and index finger. Just as the ball slide half-way through the insides of my palm, I clamped down on it. A bright smile creeped up along my face, knowing that I had caught the rubber skinned football.
    “Okay, now you need to learn how to throw it!” states Zev, the ‘coach’
   I smiled, causing him to laugh. I looked away, giggling. I held the the ball so that my index and ring finger were crossed the laces. My thumb and my index finger made the shape of an “L”. I face Zev 90° away, pivoting my feet, pointing my left hand at Zev. I threw the ball, but it didn’t spiral enough. I landed two feet in front of Zev.
    “Hey, Kat, this is your first time trying to throw a football right? Well, you did a good job! Let’s try it again, okay?”
    “Sure thing! Practice only makes perfect, right?” my enthusiastic voice, ringing brightly.
Zev laughed at my enthusiasm, passing the ball back to me. I tossed it back to him, throwing a perfect spiral. Zev caught it with ease, dropping the ball, clapping.
“I told you that you could do it! What did I say?” I cheered.
I began to laugh, fist pumping in the air. Since that time, Zev and I have played football during break. After a few weeks, Micki began to join us during breaktime and lunchtime. The lesson that I learned during this school year is that friendship is important. Finding the right friends are also extremely important. Lasting friendships will help you when you are feeling down. They will also help when you are slacking behind. This has been an awesome first year of school. I plan to have many more years in school, and enjoy every little bit of it!

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