Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la

Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la
A wedding picture that I drew for Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la! Congrats Ijaa'vodu and Mesh'la'vodu!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Love is a Hard thing

Love.. why do we teenagers experience this feeling? The definition of is to have a great affection or liking to someone or something. We do we feel this? As I know, breaks up can cause much heart break to both sides of the fence. What I mean by this is that heart break is a sad thing that everyone will face, no mater what your age. Though you may or may not know your boyfriend/girlfriend well, it will affect you. I have seen studies of heart break from failed relationships. Some people commit suicide, have physiological problems as well as other problems that can have people feel lousy. When someone breaks up, some one (usually the girl) will feel that it is her fault that caused the break up. Though I have felt similar feelings before, nothing like this has ever happened to me. yes, it is in Japanese, but this is how I feel at times!!!!

Love is a hard thing! Though it may be as simple as a crush or a serious as marriage... Love is a hard thing to understand, especially at this age where dating is over rated. I know.. i said it.. i know.. and some people are gonna start emailing me..... you know who you ARE... telling me how that isn't true and how dating is a good thing! Well... before you start emailing me... YES!! Dating IS a good thing.. but feeling rejected... isn't... I know the feeling.... Though it WAS an RP relationship LONG ago! "Back in the day when I was a slave" hehe.. don't get me started on Vett's rap!! xD haha!! anyway.. being heart broken is something that NO girl whom is in school should feel!! Being dumped (not saying that I have..... yet.....)) isn't a fun experience. You can't focus on school work (which is the most important) because you are thinking of loosing your boyfriend/girlfriend. This pain is felt mainly by girls, though it is felt by boys when you gal dumps ya! I know that many of you whom is reading this blog post has felt this one time or another. yep.. a song that you need when you are in that moment of being dumped.

If you are wondering WHY I'm suddenly posting about dating.. it is because I have been doing some research papers about it... I've been taking seminars at church about relationship.. and I'm at that age where Dating is a BIG part of the American culture!!! So... Don't think that Atina/Samantha's email has been hacked! I'm just feeling that dating is an important part of growing up. I've also felt touched by God that I should post this on my BLOG to touch other people whom may be struggling with this problem!! PLEASE email me or comment here if you have ANY problems!!

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  1. As a fellow Christian, and a fellow Star Wars nerd, I can say that in my life, Love, has been a difficult subject. I've been mocked all my life for my nerdiness, by believers and non-believers, and so, for me, finding love, other than in the hands of The Father, has been... Almost impossible. Thank you for your post, it was very encouraging.

    -Chris, AKA: Blackwraith. Oya, ner vod.

  2. You are very welcomed, ner vod!! I'm glad that you like this post!!!! I agree!!! Most of my friends call my a star wars crazed fan.. And often mock my knowledge of it. It seems like since I've gone into champions, my closeness with my Father has slightly..... Let's say less fire in my heart. With the problems at school, cyber bullying, home work, classmates, it seems like life is going to end. If you hand ANY tips into devotions and spending more time with you, please comment and I'll pose that as a post on this blog!!! Since I'm overseas ATM ( for those whom don't text it is at the moment ) I've grown closer to God because I'm spending more time in the Word!!!

    Oya vod!!

    Elek for those who reads

  3. Well, Atina, we certainly are in the same boat, in the ways of bullying and poor friendships. I'm glad to find a fellow cyar'tomade of Christ here, on the worldwide web. I'm glad to hear you are diving into the Word, it is certainly a good way to grow closer to The Father. Do not feel like your life is at an end, due to the pressures of the world, for you can always find strength in the Lord, for he is the one that gives us our strength. It is said that the eyes of The Father watch the sparrows, so do not fear, as His eyes, and his Heart, are upon you. You will find encourage in many of the Gospels, and for that matter, every book within The Bible. For advice into life, seek the Proverbs, they have helped me many times. If you need encouragement, feel free to email me at, or you can find me online at the Star Wars websites:, under the profile Blackwraith. I'm more common at the site, where I am a moderator, under the name: Sheog the Mad. Facebook is also an option, but most people are not comfortable with it. Good luck in your travels, wherever you are at, ner vod. God Speed!


  4. haha! I'm very glad that you have decided to check out my website!! I"m extremely surprised when I saw that you're from the Mando Mercs!! Thank you for the tip about growing closer to the Father! aww!! Thanks for giving me your email! I'll be sure to email you when I ever need to!! Please feel free to email me as well... as for facebook, I"m not comfortable with giving that out. The FB account linked to this email WAS my roleplay account, so please don't feel like I"m ignoring your request. I just don't go on that account at all...

    Totally GOD SPEED!!!


    (where are you ATIN???????!!!!!!!!)


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