Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la

Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la
A wedding picture that I drew for Master Ijaa and Auntie Mesh'la! Congrats Ijaa'vodu and Mesh'la'vodu!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

School, school, and school

Don't get me wrong, I love my school. It is a charter school where the teacher is a Christian, most of my classmates are Christians or Mormon. The fouder for my school is a Christian lady who is amazing! I've taken a shine to the priciple and for some reason, all my teachers like me. What I want to happen is to have a girls flag football team! Yup! I'm pretty into football. I haven't practiced in a while because my shoulder has been giving me problems. I don't like it when we don't have school. I mean.... It is good to have a break, but I feel like there is nothing to do. I don't have many things to do, only Chinese and piano, when I don't have school. I wear a school uniform so it is easy for me to choose what I'm gonna wear for that reason. When I don't have school, I have to think what I'm going to wear... And it sucks! I mean.. When I do wear my own clothes, it makes me unique but it gives other people a chance to tease you for what you wear. While you wear a school uniform, if they do tease you, they are wearing the same clothes at you so they can't tease you. I love my school uniform. I'll post some pictures of me in my school uniform when I get the chance. xD the school colors are teal, grey, and white! xD

It doesn't look like a regular school uniform.. But it looks awesome.

Cons about school:

School also has some bad parts to it. Unlike homeschooling, you finish your work in the morning, then you are done. No extra homework.. You don't have to stay up till 2:00 AM in the morning finishing your work... But in my school.. Champions (not really my school. Just gonna use that name) you go to school... Then you finish school at 3:15 PM then you go home. Finish homework for like.. 3 hours.. Then you are done! Altogether.. You have 10 hours of study.. And homework! Djshjekdmmsmsmakwfjdirjoerpprkv (typing randomness) this is more than an average working hours! Most people have an 8 hours work day! I mean.. CEOs, CFOs, and other exequtive people have to work longer hours... But you are in elementary school, middleschool, and highschool! This is a time to learn.. Not over whelm yourself with homework! The great thing about my school is that we have no homework over the weekends! My priciple doesn't believe in having homework during the weekends. Weekends are times to spend time with your family.. Not worry about a big science project dued monday! Lulz! Anyway.. This is just a rant. I've been extremely busy with school work so in not going to be able to post a lot of posts during the week, but on the weekends.. I'm on FIRE!! xD like today.. I have typed out 3 posts! xD talk about epicness! Lol! Anyway.. Facebook and Blogger has to wait til the weekends since school comes first! xD

Rog_Taria-Skirata signing off.

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